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Making your relocation experience to the Cayman Islands one that is full of ease is what we are here for, from start to finish.

We not only aim to match you with your dream home on a Caribbean island gem, but we offer tailored services to make your transition here worry-free.

The Cayman Islands offers a number of avenues to those who are looking to make it home and we are here to guide you in the right direction. Below we will go over a couple of the various programs that are offered.

Resident via Investment

  • Lifetime (Permanent) Residency

  • 25 Year Residency Grant

  • Direct Investment

  • Substantial Business Presence

Permanent Residency for Persons of Independent Means Certificate

This avenue requires an unencumbered cash investment of at least $2 Million CI (approximately $2.4 Million USD) in developed real estate here.

Along with this access you will receive: A lifetime stamp in your passport proving your permanent residency, can obtain the right to work, your spouse/children (24 & under) are included as dependents – which allows them to live here as residents with the right to work as well. More conditions apply.

Note, this is the only residency by investment option that propels you to citizenship to become Caymanian. Through this certificate process, after 5 years of residency you can be naturalized as a British Overseas Territory Citizen.

25 Year Residency Grant

An individual who is capable of demonstrating a continuous source of annual income of $120,000 CI ($146,341.46 USD) without the need to work in the Islands or that he has an account with a Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

Individual must maintain a minimum deposit in the account of at least CI$400,000 in assets and that he has invested at least $1,000,000 CI ($1,200,000 USD) in Grand Cayman of which at least $500,000 CI ($610,000 USD) must be in developed real estate, may apply to the Chief Immigration Officer for a Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means.

Certificate of Direct Investment

real estate investment

An individual that proposed to make an investment of at least 1 Million dollars in an existing or new employment stimulating business can apply for this certificate. In this case, at least thirty percent of the employees working in this business establishment are Caymanian.

Other guidelines: Applicant must show healthy business track record, this certificate is valid for 25 years and requires you to live in the Cayman Islands and work in invested business (applies to spouse and dependent), more conditions apply.

Substantial Business Presence

This category is for those who are employed in a senior management position within an approved category of business. Long-term residency is possible here and applicants must meet criteria to receive a Residency Certificate that is valid for 25 years.

Below are approved categories of business:

(i)         fund administration

(ii)        brokerage services

(iii)       investment and fund management services

(iv)       investment banking

(v)        financial trading (including foreign exchange, securities and derivatives)

(vi)       captive insurance or reinsurance management services

(vii)      reinsurance underwriting

(viii)     actuarial services

(ix)       insurance claims management

(x)        family office

(xi)       Hedge fund incubation

Duck-Pond Cayman

How Can This Support Benefit You?

Each and every one of 1503 Property Group’s client’s are supported from start to finish of their journey to their new home in paradise.

Here’s how we can serve you:
Scheduling a trusted moving company to accompany – IMP Agency Ltd.
Helping you find the perfect school for your children to attend
Luxury concierge service to pick you up from the airport.


We understand that moving to a new country can come with it’s fair share of questions and tedious details, so we ensure that our relocation team can bring you concierge service that answers your questions through a white glove service experience. 


Get in touch with us today to discuss your options for relocation to Cayman.

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