Real Estate as an Economic Driver

MAY 26, 2020 The importance of homeownership to long term financial health cannot be understated. The essential need for shelter and a safe place to live is not going away so if you are in a position to buy a property your purchase will be a key contributor to our economic recovery.

Is the time to sell now?

APRIL 30, 2020 Our website views have spiked since the quarantine and in speaking to our peers we’ve learned that we’re not alone. We still have buyers calling us and buyers in this type of market are serious buyers… with steady prices and low-inventory this may be your time sell. We know what’s selling, how to get it done and most importantly, how to do it virtually. Call us, we’d love to hear from you.

Self Isolating? Time for home improvement

MARCH 13, 2020 As we all continue to practice social distancing and self-isolate in our homes it may be a golden opportunity to get those home improvement projects underway, or maybe even completed if you find yourself deemed a non-essential service and unable to leave home, you may potentially have another four to six weeks to get some home-related projects done.


APRIL 2, 2020 Spending a lot of time at home self-isolating right now we all run the risk of reaching the end of the internet and running out of things to surf online.  1503 Property Group is here to help and we have some cool stuff to keep you busy.......

A new wave of foreclosures? We think not….

MARCH 16, 2020 While the CI Governments response to COVID-19 has been quick and so far seemingly very effective at keeping the community safe from harm, many are concerned we may see a new wave of foreclosures hit the Cayman real estate market.

Virtually Yours!

APRIL 10, 2020 In the Real Estate industry, we’re learning how to do a lot of things in new ways, from how we market and show homes virtually to how we close deals. The shift to virtual in an industry that is so tangible in its very nature seems very, unnatural, but it’s not, we’re embracing it and with tremendous thanks to the Cayman Islands Government, we’re thriving in it.


APRIL 16, 2020 Once a room that may not have received a mention in a real estate write up, the home office will now feature prominently and take its rightful place somewhere up there in chefs kitchen territory.

Buyers looking for a deal but sellers not interested

APRIL 21, 2020 In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic the pace at which we are adapting is notable. From the way we transact, to the things we may be looking for in a property, to the way we view homes, change is afoot. Where we are not noticing much change is in the sales prices of properties. The Seller sentiment seems very aligned and there does not appear to be a rush to participate in a sell off.

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